Skinfit 9207 for textured Windows


Skinfit by NOVACEL is the peace of mind solution to take care of your windows & doors.

The Skinfit tapes protect the window against dirt and scratches, during and after the fabrication, storage, transportation, and until the installation of the window.

Skinfit tape 9207 is made for the critical finishes: structured, rough and mat paints or foils with grained embossing where usual films do not stick enough.

  • Strong adhesion for a perfect fit on textured aluminium or PVC coloured windows,  with no lift up
  • Easy and soft unwinding properties with no elongation risk.
  • 70µm, Black & white High performance opaque Polyethylene film UV treated giving up to 6 months outdoor safe protection 
  • Natural Rubber adhesive clean removable 
  • Easy to apply and to remove, with a safe protection : no glue residue, not tearing


30 mm

50 mm

100 mm


100 m


0,19 Kg

0,32 Kg

0,64 Kg

M² per roll

3 m²

5 m²

10 m²

Rolls in Small box




Rolls in Large box 24 16 8

Price per roll




We advise the tape to be tested on surface first.