Novacel 4233RDA for metals protection


Technical data sheet

You can download the PDF document here.

Peace of mind solution

Protection of the stainless steel, aluminium, precoated metals, zinc... during transformation process is a need. The protective film Novacel 4233RDA assures than your surfaces will reach your customers without scratchs, dents or dirts, even after the toughest constraints.

Every mechanical process of metals transformation can be realized without constraints, without post-treatment operation. Reduce your waste rate thanks to the protective film 4233RDA.

  • Medium adhesion adapted to the protection of the most common metals finishes
  • Optimal protection during mechanical process (bending, punching, etc…)
  • Easy removal
  • 6 months outdoor guarantee
  • With the length 500m and width 1000mm, you can protect 4T of 1mm stainless steel
  • Width 1250mm, you can protect 5T of 1mm stainless steel
  • Width 1500mm, you can protect 6T of 1mm stainless steel
    Widths 1000mm 1250mm 1500mm
    Length 500m
    Diameter 234 mm
    Weight 32 kg 40 kg 48 kg
    Surface 500m² 625m² 750m²
    Protected stainless steel (1mm thickness) 4 T
    5 T
    6 T

    Recommendations :

    Film must be applied on clean and dry surfaces with industrial laminator.