Novacel 4228REF for laser cutting


Technical data sheet

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Fully enjoy the productivity of your Fiber LASER cutting equipement !

Novacel proposes the protective film worldwide reference for LASER cutting of stainless steel : Novacel 4228REF.

LASER cutting of protected stainless steel need a dedicated and adapted protection in order to fully enjoy the productivity of the Fiber LASER cutting machines.

The protective film 4228REF, innovation fruit of the research and development laboratory of Novacel, respond to all the protection needs during LASER cutting.

  • Very High adhesion, avoid lifting during cutting, on all finishes
  • Allow Fiber and CO2 LASER cutting, in one step (surface and protective film), at full speed
  • No mark, no shrinkage, accurate edge
  • 6 months of outdoor guarantee
  • With the length 350m and width 1000mm, you can protect 2,8T of 1mm stainless steel
    • width 1250mm, you can protect 3,5T of 1mm stainless steel
    • width 1500mm, you can protect 4,2T of 1mm stainless steel
  • Also usable for protection of other metals like aluminium, precoated metals, etc…
      Widths 1000mm 1250mm 1500mm
      Length 350m
      Diameter 234 mm
      Weight 32 kg 40 kg 48 kg
      Surface 350m² 437,5m² 525m²
      Protected stainless steel (1mm thickness) 2.8 T 3.5 T 4.2 T

      Recommendations :

      Film must be applied on clean and dry surfaces with industrial laminator 48h before LASER cutting process