3801- Self-adhesive film for protection of daily surfaces with antimicrobial action


Biocidal treated repositionable protective film

Easy to apply by hand on any flat or curved surfaces because the film is repositionable and pre-cut.

Suitable for the protection of a wide range of items: door handles, electrical switches, buttons (in lifts, on distributors of beverages and foods, hotel safes, etc.), computer screens, keyboards, control panels, remote controls, bank card terminals and numerous other surfaces.

Easy to remove without leaving any glue on the surface.

Easy to clean.

The continuous antimicrobial action thanks to biocidal agent (silver phosphate glass) helps limit the proliferation of bacteria and their consequences (bad odors, appearance of biofilm, etc.)


Polyethylene film with a 100% adhesive side.

Available in 2 sizes:

- Length: 50m, width:  150mm, thickness: 60µm, 1 roll = 7.5 m² of protection

- Length: 45m, width:  220mm, thickness: 60µm, 1 roll = 9.9 m² of protection


Multi-surfaces protection

Easy to peel off without leaving any marks on surfaces

Transparent mat film to leave the appearance of the surface without forgetting the film


Recyclable: no cons-indication to discard the product in the trash for recyclable materials in accordance with local regulations.

Cleanable with standard non-abrasives cleaning product, including disinfectant liquids



Film must be applied on clean, smooth and dry surfaces (no dust). Avoid cold or humid surfaces.

Designs not to leave marks when removed from the surface under normal conditions of application and use.

As the diversity of surfaces is important, advice to test film beforehand on the surface to be protected.

Do not apply on a surface where the coating (paint, varnish, etc.) does not have sufficient.

To ensure proper application and use, film should be indoor applied at room temperature, without direct exposure to UV.

The use of the film does not replace regular cleaning of protected surfaces.

To facilitate the application of the film, you can slightly moisten the surface and apply with a rigid card (example bankcard) to eliminate bubbles.

Use biocide product with precaution. Before usage, please read label and description about the  product.