Novacel is the world leader in surface protection.


With 7 production units and 11 service centers, Novacel is present throughout the world.
Our head office is based in Normandy, France.
Our expertise lies in the design and production of products for the temporary protection of all types of surfaces: metal, glass, profiles, plastic, laminates...
Our products are needed in all markets: industry construction, household appliances, furniture, food industry, carpentry, furniture, windows...
Whether protective films, technical adhesive tapes or application machines, we have the solution to protect your surfaces from scratches and dirt throughout the industrial process (manufacturing, processing, assembly) but also during transport, storage and installation of your goods.
Our know-how in the formulation of adhesive solutions allows our products to be easily applied and, above all, to be easily removed without residue after having protected your surfaces during all stages of your product's transformation.
Our 3,000 customers are major industrial companies (accounts), SMEs and also very small businesses. They are aluminum, stainless steel or pre-lacquered metal processors, window profile assemblers, carpenters, building craftsmen... all concerned about preserving the added value of their products.

As a company committed to sustainable development, Novacel only supplies fully recyclable solutions without PVC or Phthalate.

Novacel is committed to working within a high-performance management and safety system and complies with ISO 14001 and 45001 standards.

Novacel is a French brand, part of the Chargeurs Group, which for 150 years has been a world leader in a number of cutting-edge activities involving materials chemistry, textiles and the luxury sector.

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